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Phloat Phrase

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About Us

During the development of our revenue growth system our research uncovered significant evidence that the majority of the social networking platforms rewarded interest in and longevity of viewing time on videos uploaded to their platforms.   During one of our many brainstorming efforts we developed a plan based on characters overlayed on top of the video showing a "secret message" floating in and out on the corners of the video.   Earlier rejected thoughts were to have a message slowly scroll across a border of the video.   But considering human nature to be slightly challenged and also receive a reward for successfully completing that challenge, the floating corner letters were considered a better choice.

We further enhanced our choice with the ability to have different colors of letters and strokes allowing for a larger combination of choices.   Also we found that both horizontal and vertical shapes were needed for the different social networks.   We also added a square option which can be combined for unusual affects.   We then decided that multiple or custom runtime lengths would be a good feature.

We aren't going to reveal our intended usage here, but have pondered and came up with a few interesting reasons that your clients would want to obtain all of the letters in the floating phrase.   The first and probably most popular will be to put a coupon or discount code as part of the phrase at the end (GREAT for Shopify stores!).  

We created all of that for our upcoming phase 2 (formerly phase 1) puzzle portion of our revenue growth system.   During the very very early tests, a few of our testers wanted to access our Phloat Phrase program.   We figured why not expand the user base, as it wouldn't likely dilute or compete with our planned goals.   We also like alliteration, explaining the name choice (along with domain availability.)   There you have it, the entire history of Phloat Phrase.   Phase 2, our puzzle contest system (Play 4 Pay) is being developed as you read.   Phase 3 is going to be our first page placement system for local businesses, still in development.

Our goal is to be the best revenue growth specialists for both our clients and soon to come independent contractors.   We intend to have independent contractors building our puzzles and commissioned sales representatives selling to local businesses.   We intend to pay a large portion of the profits and prizes back out into our communities.   Check back occassionally if any of this interests you, as we will start the list for the invitation process soon.

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